Sutek White Goods Chemicals and Water Technologies Import-Export Industry Trade Ltd. Comp. both manufacture and import all kind spare parts related white-goods and electronic products ,quality , customer satisfaction,competitive prices taking into such issues as timely manner to meet customer demand is an instituon that has accepted the task.

Qualified labor with perfect team spirit , continuity , closely following technological developments , excellent and respectful service by giving importance to the social values take SUTEK step forward from its competitors.

SUTEK, by updating its existed team and equipment required technology, never concession quality , make stronger its product portfolio with new designs , by efficiently using one of the most important parts of today communication ways internet registration abroad with export volume increasing day by day to contribute to the country's economy , become a leader in its sector domestic and overseas market is a society dedicated to come.

The most effective solution against lime...

Magnetic Lime Preventers are the devices change the lime pysical structure in water by maked magnetic area and prevent to join again them .Thus clear away all the problems about lime by making the lime diseffected.


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